Slingsby T42 Eagle (174″) – Laser Cut Wood Pack


Laser cut wood pack for this 174 inch span, quarter scale sailplane from the mid-1950s for 5-function R/C. Rescaled by Chris Williams.

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Slingsby T42 Eagle (174″)

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This is a 1:4 scale 174″ (4.416m) vintage sailplane model designed by Chris Williams for 5-function R/C and include airbrakes and tow release. Construction is all wood with a flying weight around 8.6kg (19 lb.) 4 large CAD drawn plan sheets are well detailed with the option of a clear canopy are availableWING SECTION:  HQ35/14 centre-section to HQ35/12 tipsWING AREA:      Approx. 14 sq. ft.WING LOADING:    20 oz./sq. ft.Aircraft wood packsPlease note an aircraft wood pack consists of the ribs and formers for the model. You will need to source additional strip wood and balsa from your local modelling materials supplier to complete the model. Check out our strip and sheet Balsa packs at!


  • Designer: Chris Williams
  • Wingspan: 4416 mm (174″)
  • Radio Functions: 5 (A, E, R, Airbrake, Tow Release)
  • Scale: 1:4
  • Length: 2127 mm (87″)
  • Weight: 8.6 Kg (19 lb.)


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