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Slingsby Type 13 Petrel (4.3m) – Plan

Plan. 4.3m Wingspan version of Chris Williams’ Petrel a truly evocative vintage soarer with impeccable manners.



Name: Petrel
Model type: 1/4-scale vintage sailplane
Designed by: Chris Williams
Wingspan: 4300mm
Fuselage length: 1818mm
All-up weight: 14lbs (6.3kg)

Functions (servos): Control deflections: Aileron +40mm, -20mm; AMT: ±18mm (measured at max.trailing edge width); rudder ±50mm
Spoiler mix: 30mm up aileron with max. spoiler

Full Description

The Petrel excels in light wind conditions, being able to turn tightly in the slightest patch of lift and is equally happy when the wind blows. The combination of up-going ailerons and spoilers is very effective, so landing in tight spaces is quite possible. Once you get to know your Petrel we’re sure you’ll find that it’ll be your go-to model when it’s time to go soaring.

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