Small RC Electric Helicopters Book


Taking the beginner through each step of buying and flying small radio control electric helicopters, these fun to fly models are a great way into the fascinating world of flying model helicopters.

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Even though these fantastic models are easily accessible, they can, for the keen beginner, present a somewhat daunting prospect. So with many years experience in all forms of model helicopters, Nigel guides you through a brief history of these models, then takes the reader from a brief introduction through to all you need to know about these super, little machines. Nigel covers topics such as the different types of models on the market, the craft and the art of flying, setting-up and radio control units, battery and motor operation, learning more and improving your flying skills, and finally dealing with all those important safety issues. So if you want to know more about the Blade series of models, 450-size models like the T-Rex 450 and Mini-Titan, and on to more complex machines, Small Electric Helicopters is an ideal starting point.


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