Soaring Masterclass 2 / Radio Control Gliding DVD / Radio Carbon Art


If you thought the Master Class 1 DVD was cool, then you will have to buy the next in the series, Soaring Master Class 2.

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Soaring Master Class 2 expands on the content of the first DVD with detailed tutorials of advanced soaring techniques with an introduction to competition thermal flying. Featured instructors include outstanding pilots like four-time world F3B champ Daryl Perkins, world F3J youth champ Cody Remington, and soaring pros Tom Keisling and Skip Miller. Mike Smith also returns sharing even more advanced soaring techniques with you. Pro Daryl Perkins shows you how to set up your plane for the best launch, how to practice speed control for spot landings, and shares some great pro-level thermaling tips. Mike Smith covers caller and timing techniques, reading the plane on tow, and a cool tutorial on finding thermals without ground signs. Cody and Skip talk about flight strategy and plane tuning. (Cody won the contest with a near perfect score.) All of the footage was shot live at the big Southwest Classic soaring competition in Arizona, and you get to tag along with the pilots as they fly each round of this tough contest. Pilot and caller are mic’d up, so you hear and see what they are doing through out the flight. The pilots and callers describe what they are doing and talk about the techniques they are using to place high in the standings. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn from some of the super stars of soaring.


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