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Soaring Masterclass 3 / Radio Control Gliding DVD / Radio Carbon Art

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The Soaring Master Class 3 training DVD will help you develop your advanced soaring skills so you can take your glider’s flight performance to a higher level.


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Scale subjects that the DVD will help you learn more about: • Tuning • CG Settings • Elevator Feel • Trimming • Yaw Control/Differential • Thermal Technique • Rudder Mixing Further information: US soaring champion Mike Smith returns as the instructor in this exceptional programme. Here he is sharing his vast knowledge of performance gliding techniques. Mike is a great teacher because he makes you rethink the way you fly and makes you question those aspects of soaring you thought you knew well. This DVD features on-the-plane high definition camera footage synchronized with the ground camera unit so you can see what the plane is doing from both angles. There is also a yaw indicator on the nose of the plane so you can see how adverse yaw and rudder inputs affect the flight path in real time. The DVD features footage from an onboard camera, which combined with Mike’s excellent commentary while thermalling, makes this training DVD truly unique. Other subjects covered are thermalling technique, air reading while in flight, energy management, aircraft attitude and how to adjust the glider to changing conditions. This DVD will be incredibly useful to all soaring pilots as the skills and tutorials taught can be applied to any type of glider. Running Time: 105 mins


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