Sopwith Triplane – ‘Full Size Focus’ Photo CD


This series of aircraft walkaround photo CDs contains a selection of individual types of aircraft for reference, from vintage to classic warbirds, and home-builds.

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The prototype Sopwith Triplane appeared in May 1916 and was found to be highly manoeuvrable with a phenomenal rate of climb. Both the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service ordered the type, but policy changes led to the Triplane only being used by the Royal Naval Air Service fighter squadrons on the Western Front, and by the French Navy. The stack of three wings reduced wingspan and increased wing area, making it handle and climb better than biplanes. Visibility from the cockpit was outstanding, but the ‘Tripe’ was slower and less heavily armed than it’s German opponents. Each CD features a multi selection of high-quality close-up detailed photographs to help you with your latest building project.


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