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Southern Belle LO948


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Designer: Martin Evans

Gauge '1' LBSCR. 'Atlantic' locomotive. 

Sheet 1 General arrangement and frames.

Sheet 2 Driving wheels and axles, buffer beams coupling rods, connecting rods, cylinders and details, slide bars, frame stretcher and feed pump.

Sheet 3 General arrangement of valve gear, eccentrics, eccentric rods, expansion links, valve rods, lifting links and arms, general arrangement of bogie and bogie details.

Sheet 4 Full details of boiler, superheater, smokebox, saddle, ashpan, regulator and lubricator.

Sheet 5 Details of smokebox, steam and exhaust pipes, reach rod, cab screw reversing gear, running boards and splashers, safety valve, blower valve, check valve, regulator handle, water gauge and manifold.

Sheet 6 General arrangement of tender, tender frames, wheels, axles and axleboxes, hand pump, engine cab sides and spectacle plate.

Complete set of 6 sheets.


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