Stampe SV4B – ‘Full Size Focus’ Photo CD


This series of aircraft walkaround photo CDs contains a selection of individual types of aircraft for reference, from vintage to classic warbirds, and home-builds.

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Stampe SV.4B (62″)

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The first SV4 flew on 17th May 1933, and in 1939 the Belgian Government ordered 300 SV4s. The first batch of 30 were completed three days after the Germans invaded Belgium on 10th May 1940 and by the end of the war only one aircraft survived. Production of the improved SV4B resumed after the war. The SV4 was the mainstay of aerobatic competitions until the 1960s, when the performance of Pitts Specials and other aircraft left the Stampe SV4 behind. Each CD features a multi selection of high-quality close-up detailed photographs to help you with your latest building project.


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