Strathclyde 70, Wee Nip Sailing Yacht – Short Kit (Set)

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Short Kit (Set) includes Plan, Laser Cut Wood Pack, and DVD for this easy-to-build RC yacht was designed by Graham Bantock to the Strathclyde 70 specifications. It’s very simple and cheap to construct, and offers a great introduction to the sport – get two Wee Nips in the water and you’ve got a race!


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Strathclyde 70, Wee Nip Sailing Yacht

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The modest cost and simple rig make it an ideal club or school project. Designer Graham Bantock.

Included in the Short Kit (Set):-

Plan & Article: A detailed two sheet plan which includes full details of how to make the sails. The magazine article is also included with the Plan.

Laser Cut Wood Pack – The Laser Cut Wood Pack contains most of the wood parts needed to complete the Strathclyde 70, Wee Nip Sailing Yacht . This saves a great deal of time in the build and ensures accuracy, all you need to add is the mast, sail, ballast weight and radio gear. What’s in a Laser or CNC Cut Wood Pack? – A CNC or laser cut wood pack contains most, if not all, of the intricately shaped parts shown on the plan, which would be difficult or time-consuming to cut out by hand. It does not contain any sheet or strip wood, which you will need to buy separately. Alternatively, you can purchase an Additional Wood Pack, if available. Our Laser or CNC Cut Wood Packs only contain balsa, ply and lite ply and do not include other materials that may be required to complete the model, such as hardwoods, metals and GRP sheets.

DVD – Wee Nip DVD (DV504) features how to build the Strathclyde 70 racing yacht, John Stone – builder of the prototype models, Construction hints & tips, Boat set-up tips for top performance, Hard copy plan available (MAR2966). Multi-Buy offer – buy the wood pack (WP2966) corresponding plan (MAR2966) and DVD (DV504).

Plan MAR2966 Laser Cut Wood Pack WP2966 DVD DV504 Short Kit SET2966


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