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Submariner DVD + Submarine Special – DVD + Bookazine

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Buy both RC Submariner and Marine Modelling International Submarine Special magazine and SAVE!



Full Description

Marine Modelling International Submarine Special – Delve into the fascinating world of submarines with this 100 page bumper-packed Special Issue from Marine Modelling International magazine, looking at the only craft in the maritime world that operates in three dimensions, very similar to an aeroplane.

RC Submariner From the Battle of the Atlantic to the Cold War, submarines have an enduring fascination with their unique combination of mystery and menace.

Modern deep-sea submersibles too have captured the imagination with their exploration of ocean depths as alien to man as the surface of the moon. For the RC modeller too, they present unique technical challenges in building a craft that will operate reliably and realistically in that most unforgiving of environments – underwater. In this fascinating DVD, experienced submarine modeller Paul Cook guides us through the technology and techniques available to make model submarines work. He shows how readily available and inexpensive components can be used to create a working model that will be challenging and rewarding to operate, and possess huge presence and character. Filming a craft whose whole point is to be invisible from the surface is a challenge, and we have used various techniques to give you a glimpse into the underwater world of a range of models including: Scale models: Alfa – Soviet nuclear fast attack submarine HMS Resolution – Royal Navy Polaris missile submarine Biber – WWII German one-man midget submarine HMS Satyr – WWII Royal Navy ‘S’ Class patrol submarine USS Ohio – US Navy Trident missile submarine USS Barb – US Navy ‘Gato’ Class WWII patrol submarine Non-Scale Models: Neptune – Inspired by modern deep-sea research and exploration submarines Shark – Fast and fun dynamic diving submarine HMS Unseen – Traplet plan for a simple semi-scale cold war attack submarine.


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