Suffolk Dredging Tractor TE18


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Designer: John HainingStar Rating: Working model to 3in. scale. Sheet 1 General arrangement, door flap, ashpan, water tube layout and boiler barrel.Sheet 2 General arrangement of engine, crankshaft, flywheel valve gear arrangement and details, steering box, steering box gears, road gears.Sheet 3 Plan view of sub-form, sub-form bar details, hind axlebox, shaft bearings and spring hangers.Sheet 4 Cylinders, valve chest, pistons and rods, front wheel and tyre, front land wheel; also general arrangement of the Little Dairy Engine.Sheet 5 Crankshaft bearing pedestal; crankshaft bearing; crosshead; connecting rod, engine columns, sliding road gear and lever, hind wheels and axle; drive plates.Sheet 6 Axle beam and stub axles; track rod and arms; feed pump; water tank and supports.Sheet 7 Weighshaft, reversing lever, arrangement of road gears, driving pins, winch arrangement and details.Sheet 7a Grate and ashpan; fire door, coal bunker, rear springs, main steam and blower piping layout.Complete set of 8 sheets.


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