Super Marauder Canopy


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RC2164 Super Marauder Canopy for the plan seen in RCM&E September 2016. 

Model: Super Marauder

Designed by: Peter Miller

Wingspan: 58" (1473mm)

Fuselage length: 45" (1143mm)

Wing area: 4sq. ft. (0.37sq. m)

All-up weight: 5 lb 4oz (2.4kg)

Wing loading: 21oz / sq. ft. (6.5kg / sq. m)

Functions (servos):
Aileron (1); elevator (1); rudder (1); throttle (1)

Control deflections:

High rates: Aileron ±1/2” (13mm); elevator ±5/8” (16mm); rudder ±1-3/8” (35mm). Low rates: Aileron ±1/4” (6mm); elevator ±1/4” (6mm); rudder ±5/8” (16mm)

Rec’d engine: .48 – 52 four-stroke or .40 two-stroke


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