Supermarine Scimitar F Mk.1


Chris Golds brings us a foam and balsa model of Supermarine’s strike-fighter

Full Description

Supermarine’s Scimitar strike-fighter gets Chris Gold’s blue foam and balsa construction treatment. The result is a light weight mini jet of 30.5 inch wingspan, designed for twin 32 mm DK ducted fan units.WING SPAN:  30.5” / 775 mmLENGTH:  40” / 1016 mmWEIGHT:  26.5 oz (751 g)MOTOR:  2 x 32 mm DK ducted fansMOTIVE POWER:  10 A ESC and 3S-1600 LiPoRADIO FUNCTIONS:  3 (ailerons, all moving tailplane, throttle)


  • Designer: Chris Golds
  • Wingspan: 30.5″ / 775 mm
  • Power Source: 2 x 32 mm DK ducted fans


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