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Thames Barge Veronica – Laser Cut Wood Pack


Laser/CNC cut wood pack for this Thames Sailing barge an iconic sailing work boat that plied its trade in and around the River Thames and Medway. Manned usually by one man and a boy the full size Veronica was built in 1906 and worked until after WW 2 she also participated in the popular Thames Sailing Barge races as a leisure activity.

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Full Description

This model hull is built using mainly plywood with major parts to aid construction. The detailed mutisheet plan covers the construction of all the mast, spars, sails and deck fittings. A detailed 90 min DVD is available showing the construction and sailing


  • <span=”attlabel”>Designer: Richard Chesney
  • <span=”attlabel”>Radio Functions: 2
  • <span=”attlabel”>Scale: 1/24
  • <span=”attlabel”>Length: 107.95cm (42.5 inches)
  • <span=”attlabel”>Beam: 24.384cm (9.6inches)


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