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The Thames Sailing barge is an iconic sailing work boat that plied its trade in and around the River Thames and Medway. Manned usually by one man and a boy the full size Veronica was built in 1906 and worked until after WW 2 she also participated in the popular Thames Sailing Barge races as a leisure activity.

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Thames Barge Veronica

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This model hull is built using mainly plywood with a laser/router cut woodpack available of the major parts to aid construction. The detailed mutisheet plan covers the construction of all the mast, spars, sails and deck fittings. A detailed 90 min DVD is available showing the construction and sailing BEAM: 24.384cm (9.6inches)


  • <span=”attlabel”>Designer: Richard Chesney
  • <span=”attlabel”>Radio Functions: 2
  • <span=”attlabel”>Scale: 1/24
  • <span=”attlabel”>Length: 107.95cm (42.5 inches)
  • <span=”attlabel”>Beam: 24.384cm (9.6inches)


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