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The Complete Guide to Drones


Drones are everywhere at the moment, but should you buy one or build one? How do you go about flying them, and where can you do so legally? Adam Juniper’s excellent guide explains all you need to know to take to the skies!

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The only thing growing faster than the drone market is the amount of misinformation about them! Almost overnight popular drones like the DJI Phantom have created a billion-dollar industry, with a foothold in everything from movie-making to the toy market. This book shows you everything there is to know about drones/multicopters/UAVs (including what really is the correct term for them) in plain, jargon-free English. Find out how they work, how to fly them, how to choose the right drone for you, how to take amazing photos and videos from above and more. The text is accompanied with clear illustrations and brand-new photography. Also included is a complete step-by-step project to build your own modestly-priced drone, great as a first step into the world of drones; fun for one, perfect as an educational project for parent and child. There’s also a layman’s guide to the crucial legal issues around drone flying, plus an accompanying website with video clips and community links.


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