The Jet Set – Volume 1 – RC Jet DVD


The first in a five part series of Dave Platt videos developed to guide the modellerstepy by step through the basics of jet modelling – Dave’s Hawker Hunter is used here to demonstrate his methods.

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The Jet Set Series by Dave Platt

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The subject matter for this set of DVDs is based around the construction of a Hawker Hunter, but don’t be misled into thinking that this is just a series on how to build a jet. About 10% of this series covers the installation and setup of the turbine and its associated equipment – the rest covers over 70 different subjects unrelated to turbines. For instance, the cockpit construction itself takes up about one and a half videos. A lot of good flaps, retracts, and gear door information is in this set. Approx. 120 minutes This first video concentrates on detailing the turbine equipment.