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Tracer-E (37″) – Laser Cut Wood Pack


A laser cut wood pack for the iconic Club 20 pylon racer of the 70’s and 80’s for electric power

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Designed by Sid King to accept both 28mm and 35mm diameter motors with a power range of 250 to 350 watts,and Kv values in the region of1500 to 1700, serviced by a 3S LiPo of around 2200 or 2500 mAh, via a 40 amp ESC. It will take a 4S but as a sport model 3S is adequate. Span is 37”, utilising 36 in materials, giving an all up weight of around 35 ozs. Intended to be hand launched, but options are included for undercarriages. The designer does not reccomend I.C. power for this model.
WING SPAN: 37” / 939.8 mmWING AREA: 300 sq. in. / 1394 dm2WING LOADING: 17 oz./sq.ft.WEIGHT: 34 oz. / 963.88 gLENGTH: 30” / 761.9 mmMotor: Ver 1 – Robotbirds A -3530/8 1700 Kv Ver 2 – AK Models AK-2835/ 1750 Kv Prop: Version 1 – 6” x 5.5” APC-E Version 2 – 6” x 5” EMPESC: Robotbirds Basic 40 amp with BEC Battery: 3S 2200 mAh 25CControl Throws:           Elevator – Low rate +/- 5 mm, High rate +/- 6.5 mm           Ailerons – Low rate +/- 6 mm, High rate +/- 8 mmRADIO FUNCTIONS: 3
Building your model from a Sarik Hobbies ‘Laser Wood Pack’ semi-kit removes the need to trace and cut your own intricate parts. It will be necessary to purchase additional sheet and strip wood from your local model shop to complete the model.


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