Understanding Aerofoil Data for R/C Soarers Book – by Denis Oglesby


Focusing on the understanding and appraisal of aerofoil data, this comprehensive book will guide you through the concepts employed by designers in realising aerofoil performance.

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Everything you wanted to know about aerofoils? Not always possible since aerofoils are still being improved. The use of aerofoil data is best exploited via the numerous computer programs to predict model performance, so this guide is aimed at understanding and appraisal of aerofoil data rather than the calculation of performance prediction. Denis Oglesby approaches the subject from the specialist area of R/C Thermal Soarers, but once understood, the concepts explained will prove equally useful to those who want to progress the design of other model aircraft.Explanations pitched allow readers who have acquired the skill to control or trim model aircraft to fly close to their minimum speed can start to read this. Subjects are presented in a logical learning sequence that takes the reader deep into the concepts employed by aerofoil designers to deliver the performances realised by their aerofoils. Also an enclosed glossary listing enables the reader to access directly a wide range of aerofoil topics.


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