Understanding and Using Epoxy Paints by Dave Platt- RC Scale Model Aircraft DVD


This fantastic DVD contains yet more unmissable footage from Mr Scale himself, Dave Platt, as you discover how to turn your model into ?the best of the best?.

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Full Description

In this volume, Dave concludes the main difference between an average model and an outstanding model lies in a mysterious ?Art Component?.

Dave explains the basics of the ?Art Component? in scale modeling and then he actually shows how to get great results with today?s Epoxies.

112 minutes, featuring:

  • Sources for color chips
  • Dealing with surface imperfections
  • The ?Grey Coat?
  • Mixing colors to match chips
  • Epoxy characteristics and properties
  • Top Coats of color
  • Camouflage or ?Mottles?
  • Markings & Masking tips
  • Klass-Kote intro
  • Color and the color wheel
  • Primary colors
  • Mixing secondary colors
  • Introducing black and white
  • Klass-Kote epoxy range

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