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Vans Aircraft RV-4 (43.25″) – Plan

Plan for this neat sub 350W version of the Vans Aircraft homebuilt, a small electric scale weekend hack, that’s generally accurate in outline.

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  • Model Name: Vans Aircraft RV-4
  • Model: Scale
  • Designed by: Andy Blackburn
  • Scale: 1:6.4
  • Wingspan: 43 1/4”
  • Wing Area: 394 sq in (2.74 sq ft)
  • Motor: 4-Max PO-3547-1190
  • Battery: 3s2200 35C LiPo
  • Prop: 10” x 5”
  • ESC: 4-Max PP-TESC40AU, power supply lead disconnected.
  • Servos: 1 x Hitec HS85MG, 1 x HS5085MG, 2 x JR DS 386
  • Weight: 55 oz (3.44 lb)
  • Rudder: Minimum +/- 35mm, ~20% expo
  • Elevator: +12.5mm / -14.5mm, ~30% expo
  • Rates at ~ 60-70%
  • Ailerons: +13mm / -6.5mm, ~40% expo

Full Description

The RV-4 came about as designer Andy Blackburn was after a small electric scale weekend hack. The model is generally accurate in outline but there have been a few minor simplifications made in the interests of easier building and slightly better performance.

The Full size:- The Van’s RV-4 is an American light homebuilt aircraft supplied in kit form by Van’s Aircraft of Aurora, Oregon. It seats two people in a tandem seating configuration with the pilot accommodated in the front seat. The Van’s RV series has become the most popular kit-built aircraft in the world.

SAVE 10% on Selected Plans!


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