Venice Lagoon Ferry Burano 2


Venice Lagoon ferry Burano 2 which plies between Venice and the pier at Punta Sabbioni . She is the largest of the many types and sizes of ferries that serve Venice and the surrounding towns

Full Description

This model is built using plywood and plastic card and gives scope for adding fine detail. The electric power on the prototype was from a standard 380 motor and 7.4 v lipo cells with 2 channel R/C which resulted in a realist speed.
SCALE: 1/72BEAM: 10.2cm (4 inches)LENGTH: 47.5 cm (18.75 inches)HEIGHT: 21.7 cm (8.5 inches)MOTOR : 350PROP: 20mm diaESC: Microtronics 15ABATTERY: 7.4v LipoRADIO FUNCTIONS: 2ch


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