Vickers Wellington GR Mk.XIII (64″) – Plan


A 64” span WWII British Coastal Command torpedo bomber for twin electric motors and 6-channel R/C. Model design by Chris Golds

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Vickers Wellington GR Mk.XIII (64″)

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This superbly detailed 64” span model of the famous Vickers Wellington ‘Wimpy’ WWII torpedo bomber is designed by Chris Golds and suits two 130W 900Kv in-runner brushless motors with two 40A ESCs and a single 4s 4000mAh LiPo. The model features flaps and retracting undercarriage, with a flying weight around 2.85 kg.
The Vickers Wellington medium bomber entered service with the RAF in 1938 and featured the strong yet lightweight geodesic construction devised by Barnes Wallis. It was used as a night bomber in the early years of WWII before being replaced by the larger four-engined heavy bombers. It went on to serve throughout the war in a variety of other roles including transport, reconnaissance, training, minesweeping, torpedo bomber and anti-submarine warfare. Over 800 GR Mk.XIII’s were built, equipped with ASV Mk.II radar.
The detailed four-sheet plan shows full construction details. The model is of wood and blue foam construction, and a laser-cut wood-pack is available which contains most of the shaped parts needed such as fuselage formers and wing ribs, but you will need additional sheet and strip wood and ply to complete the model, as well as the blue foam and hardware needed.
WING AREA: 4 sq. ft.WING LOADING: 26 oz./sq. ft.


  • Designer: Chris Golds
  • Wingspan: 64″ / 1625 mm
  • Power Source: Two Mega 16-25-6 130W 900Kv brushless in-ruunners
  • Radio Functions: 6
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Battery: 4S 4000 mAh 30C+ LiPo
  • Length: 44″ / 1115 mm
  • Weight: 102 oz. / 2.85 kg


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