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Vosper MTB379 – Plan & Article

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Plan & Article consisting of four sheets of the Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat 379. An ideal RC Model boat for beginners or for a relatively quick building project with a Laser Cut Wood Pack and DVD also available.

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£17.00 £15.30


  • Designer: Barrie Griffin
  • Radio Functions: 2
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Length: 710 mm
  • Beam: 195 mm

Full Description

Model boat designer and builder Barrie Griffin has drawn plans for an attractive RC scale model of a Vosper MTB 379. Very fast and highly manoeuvrable, here’s the ideal model warship for beginners and experts alike – and a squadron of them running together at high speed would be an impressive sight!

The Full Size: Built for the Royal Navy by Vosper in 1942 these heavily armed and fast patrol boats were very active during and after WW2. Affectionately known as the Royal Navy’s “Little Ships”, the Motor Torpedo Boats of the Coastal Forces served with distinction throughout the Second World War. The Vosper Type II 73′ boats entered service in 1943 and were armed with 18″ torpedoes, a QF 6-pounder gun, a 20mm Oerlikon cannon and two .303 machine guns squadrons headed out to raid the enemy coast and hunt shipping and submarines in the North Sea and the English Channel. Many continued in service until 1947.

Animation of the Last Cut Wood Pack:-

In Action! 


SAVE 10% on Selected Plans!


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