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VST (Very Short Tailless)


VST (Very Short Tailess) was designed for ‘snappy’ aerobatics using a 3S electric motor set

Full Description

Dereck Woodward reckons that tailplanes can be done without. Thus was born ‘VST’ or ‘Very Short Tailless’. For Dereck ‘tailplane avoidance’ involves a symmetrical wing section with elevons wider than regular ailerons and a 16% CG position. Fully aerobatic, VST spans 36 inches and uses a 950 kV motor and 3-cell LiPo
WINGSPAN: 36″ top (915 mm)AREA: 247 sq in (1590 sq cm)WING LOADING: 13.5 oz/sq ft LENGTH: 27″ (685 mm)WEIGHT: 23 oz (650 g)MOTOR: Balsa Products BL2217/9, 950kV, 2.6oz/74gPROP: APC electric park flier 9” x 7.5”ESC: Castle Creations “Thunderbird 18″BATTERY: 1000 – 1300mAh 3S LiPo, 25C ratingRADIO FUNCTIONS: Transmitter mixed elevons for roll and pitch, rudder, throttle


  • Designer: Dereck Woodward
  • Wingspan: 36″ top (915 mm)
  • Power Source: Balsa Products BL2217/9, 950kV, 2.6oz/74g


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