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Warrior Mk II M39


Full Description

Designer: J P Bertinat

A modified and improved version of Edgar T Westburys twin cylinder double-acting steam engine (M7) with 3/4in bore cylinders and 3/4in stroke. (Vols.146-147).

Sheet 1 General arrangement on non-reversing engine.

Sheet 2 Cylinder and end covers; piston, piston rods and crossheads; valve chest and covers, slide valves and valve rods, cylinder standard.

Sheet 3 Baseplate, crankshaft and bearings, connecting rod, eccentric rod, strap and sleeve, flywheel.

Sheet 4 Boiler feed pump assembly and details.

Sheet 5 Steam inlet manifold, inlet connector, exhaust manifold, exhaust tee, union and nipple.

Sheet 6 Arrangement and assembly of reversing gear.

Sheet 7 Reversing gear details, special components for single cylinder engine.

Complete set of 7 sheets.


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