Westland Interceptor


A small aerobatic near-scale early monoplane fighter from around 1927.

Full Description

Chris Golds scale design is for a neat 40-inch wingspan monoplane fighter with a wing area of 2 square feet, giving a wing loading of about 16 ounces per square foot. Construction replicates the full size fuselage with its metal panelled forward part and stringered rear half covered with fabric and is built from two half-shells with semi-bulkheads being glued to narrow top and bottom keels. Both halves, when glued together, form a fuselage that is both light in weight and great in strength, against both bending and twisting.
WING SPAN: 40”LENGTH: 30.5” WEIGHT: 29.5 ozMOTOR: MEGA 16-15-6MOTIVE POWER: JETI Master 18-30 BEC, 3s 1800 mAh, APC 9 x 6 RADIO FUNCTIONS: 4 (ailerons, rudder, elevator, throttle)


  • Wingspan: 40″
  • Power Source: MEGA 16-15-6


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