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A simple-to-build 31-inch span EPP delta for 3-channel R/C and electric power. Designed by Mike White.

Full Description

Mike White’s simple-to-build 31-inch (788 mm) span EPP delta sports model for 3-channel R/C and a 650 Watt brushless motor power is a recipe for fun, aerobatics, and speed.  Flying weight around 3 lb (1.34 kg) this sleek delta design will fly equally well with a 7″ x 6″ prop and 3s or 4s 2200-3300 mAh LiPo. Not recommended for beginners.WING SPAN:    31″ / 788 mm   WEIGHT:    3 lb (1.34 kg)MOTOR: Thumper T3536/5 650W outrunner 3s 2200 – 3300 mAh LiPoMOTIVE POWER: 7″ x 6″ propRADIO FUNCTIONS: 3


  • Designer: Mike White
  • Wingspan: 31″ / 788 mm
  • Power Source: Thumper T3536/5 650W outrunner 3s 2200


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