Wittman Tailwind (48″) – Additional Wood Pack


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Wittman Tailwind (48″)

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The Wittman Tailwind is probably the most famous aircraft you’ve never heard of. Steve Wittman’s cheap home-build cross-country sportster kick-started the home build boom in the 1950s and it’s still being built and flown today.
Peter Miller’s 48″ span model reproduces the Tailwind’s pleasing lines and flies superbly well using a .20-.25 two-stroke or four-stroke equivalent engine. The huge fuselage means an electric conversion should be easy to engineer too.
The new CNC/Laser-cut parts set speeds up the build process by reproducing the ribs, formers and other parts (apart from strip balsa) required for the model while a wood completion pack that includes the strip and sheet balsawood is also available. The cowl is made using balsa and ply.
An electric conversion build blog can be found at www.modelflying.co.uk and builders can chat with designer Peter Miller in the friendly forum.
Data File: Name: Wittman Tailwind W-10 Model Type: Scale home-built Designed by: Peter Miller Wingspan: 48″ Fuselage length: 39″ Wing area: 360 sq in All-up weight: 66oz Wing loading: 26.4oz/sq ft Functions (servos): Aileron (2); elevator (1); throttle (1); rudder (1); flap(2) Rec’d Engine: .20-.25 two-stroke/ .26-.30 four-stroke;
Published in RCM&E, August 2010
Please note this is ONLY the additional wood pack. All CNC and additional wood packs are cut to order and as such we are unable to accept returns unless they are found to be faulty.


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