ZAP Z-42 Blue Thread Locker (6g/0.2oz)


ZAP Z-42 BLUE THREAD LOCKER is arguably the finest blue thread locker you can buy! Lock set screws, axle and drive nuts, engine mounting screws, or any screw that keeps your R/C airplane, helicopter, car, or boat from coming apart.

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Full Description

But Z-42 Thread Locker isn’t just for hobbies as you can use it on autos, boats, snow mobiles, lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, and even toys. Anywhere fasteners are subjected to vibration that can cause them to loosen and fall out Z-42 Thread Locker helps to keep things together.

• Premium Grade
• Prevents parts loosening due to vibration
• Formulated for metal to metal use
• Makes joints that you are able to disassemble with hand tools

Works best on:
• Bolts
• Nuts
• Screws
• Threaded Fastners


Weight 6g (0.2oz)


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