ZAP Zap-O Odourless Cyano (20g/0.7oz)


Zap-O Foam Safe CA is a true odourless cyanoacrylate (Super) glue. It has the same gap filling properties as Zap-A-Gap CA+ but without the fumes

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Full Description

It works great on balsa, plywood, bass wood and most other modelling and hobby materials. Zap-O Foam Safe CA is also great for craft work when gluing foam shapes or various materials to foam products. The medium thick formula cures in only 15 seconds. To cure properly, Zap-O Foam Safe CA must be used with Zap Foam Safe Kicker (S-ZAPPT28).

• Odourless formula
• Medium gap filling viscosity
• Works on Styrofoam and foam without primer
• Works on balsa, plywood & other materials as well

Works best on:
• Carbon Fibre
• Cell Foam
• Ceramics
• EPS Foam
• Foam Board
• Polystyrene
• XPS Foam
• Wood


Weight 20g (0.7oz)


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