Zenith CH701UL Zenair Plan


A 80″ span high wing 1:4 scale STOL light aircraft for 600KV motors and 5-function R/C. Designed by Robin Fowler.

Full Description

This 80″ span STOL home-build has been redrawn to 1:4 scale by Robin Fowler, and has many features including a high-lift wing, leading edge slots, flaperons, and all-moving rudder all shown on 3 extremely well detailed large plan sheets. Suits 600 Watt brushless motors and 3s LiPo battery, and a flying weight of approx. 8 ½ pounds.
WING SPAN: 80″ / 2.03mLENGTH: 61 ½” / 1567 mmWEIGHT: <8 lb 12 oz. (3.92 kg)WING LOADING: <21.2 oz./sq. ft.SCALE: 1:4MOTOR: XYH42-60 600KV 45A brushlessESC: 60A with 3A, 5V BECPROP: 3-blade 13″ x 8″ (wood; made from two Zinger blades)BATTERY: 3s 4000 mAh LiPo RADIO FUNCTIONS: 5 (Elev; Rudd; Ail; Flaps; Throttle)


  • Designer: Robin Fowler
  • Wingspan: 80″ / 2.03m
  • Power Source: XYH42-60 600KV 45A brushless


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