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A beautiful bookazine filled with fabulous beadwork supported by step-by-step instructions and clear photography

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Trends in jewellery making come and go. One minute we are all buying expensive tools and equipment to have a go at the latest technique, the next we are happy with a box of beads and some waxed cord! However, bead weaving has always been popular and will continue to be for years to come. Thanks to the aff ordability of a packet of seed beads and a length of thread, plus the endless possibilities you can achieve with these tiny beads, means bead weaving ranks highly amongst jewellery makers today.

Throughout the pages we are delighted to bring you a collection of readers’ favourite bead weaving projects from our back catalogue of Beads & Beyond magazine. You’ll find a variety of stitches and techniques used throughout so if you fancy giving something new
a go, now’s the time!

For any newbie bead weaver, a good place to start is our with our ‘Crystal Sputnik’ Earrings on page 102. You can make them in no time at all and with only a few materials, you can make a pair tonight! Another good place to start would be the ‘Faded Flowers’
bracelet (page 56). This beautiful bracelet uses sun bleached shades and a basic ladder stitch to create a lovely pretty piece. Also turn to page 94 where we show you how to make a dainty flower pendant and earring set ‘Petites Fleurs’. Perfect for a last minute Birthday gift!
For those of you who want to push your skills, be inspired by one of our bezelling projects, ‘Lavender Moon’ features an unusual way to connect a chain – we love it! See page 80. Or our 1920’s inspired ‘Festive Flapper’ baubles could be the perfect way to keep you
busy on the run up to Christmas! A lovely way to decorate your home, see page 76. For something a bit diff erent, try our featured loom weaving project, starting on page 72, ‘Frisco Fashion’. Use a traditional technique to create a piece of modern jewellery with a
trendy bohemian festival vibe! Throughout this bookazine you will fi nd every project has full colour step photos and top
designer tips to help you along the way so it’s super easy for you recreate the projects shown.