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RC Aircraft Plans, Parts & Accessories

Choose from one of the Most Expansive Collections of Any Model Aircraft Plans and Parts store in the world. Perfect for the scratch builder!

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Model Aircraft Plans

Choose from the UK’s largest range of RC Model Aircraft plans. For over 30 years, we’ve built our extensive range, designed by some of the world’s leading RC model aircraft designers.

Aircraft Short Kits & Sets

A short kit usually contains, where available, the plan, the laser/CNC cut wood pack, additional wood pack, canopy, cowl or any other available Glass Fibre or plastic moulded items.

Parts & Accessories

Canopies, cowls, spinners & more


Tools, clamps, sanding, marking

Aircraft Reference

Books, DVDs, CDs

Ready To Fly Planes

Free flight, drones & jets

Finishing Materials

Coverings, glues, metals & foam

Our vast range of plans has been accumulated from the UK’s leading R/C model magazines for close on 50 years! It also includes independent designs from several top scale modellers such as Duncan Hutson and Sepp Uiberlacher. Our best known plans are by Brian Taylor, but dont forget that we also stock designs by other top modellers such as David Vaughan, Dennis Tapsfield, David Boddington, Philip Noel, Phillip Kent and Tony Nijhuis, to name just a few!

Extensive range of model aircraft plans & parts

For more than 30 years, Sarik Hobbies has helped cultivate the dreams of people young and old who desire nothing more than to take to their self Built Aircraft to the skies! We offer a vast range of model aircraft plans and part designs which have been designed by some of the worlds leading R/C model aircraft designers and award-winning scale modellers including Duncan Hutson, Dennis Bryant, Brian Taylor and Sepp Uiberlacher.

In addition to stocking plans by these notable model aircraft designers, we also stock the designs of notable modellers, David Vaughan, Dennis Tapsfield, David Boddington, Phillip Noel, Phillip Kent and Tony Nijhuis.

Come and explore our extensive range of model plans. We’re certain to have a design that speaks to your love of aviation. From R/C Scale and Electric to Sport and Glider models, we are one model shop that stocks a range of plans, parts, tools, wood and glues that will appeal to casual and seasoned modellers alike.

Quality RC Aircraft plans & parts at affordable prices

The quality and diversity of our plans are indicative of our 30-year heritage in the model building hobby. We share the same enthusiasm for aviation as we did 30 years ago – something that’s evident in the range of plans we offer.

All our model aircraft plans and associated parts are reasonable in price and we work hard to keep it that way. The products for the Chilton DW1 costs between £4.99 – £18.50, whilst our Farmhand starts at £7.50 and rises to £169.00, depending on the individual plan or part you choose to purchase.

Additionally, we also stock a range of aircraft model accessories perfect for experienced modellers and novices alike. From ABS sets and fairing to canopies and screens, cockpits, even glue and tools – even bespoke aircraft design additions, we have everything you need to create a model aircraft that’s as unique as it is exquisite to behold.


To find out more about our model aircraft shop or the products that we sell, or to ask us any questions, get in touch with us today on 01684 311682 or email us at

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