Bucker Bu.131 Jungmann – ‘Full Size Focus’ Photo CD


This series of aircraft walkaround photo CDs contains a selection of individual types of aircraft for reference, from vintage to classic warbirds, and home-builds.

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In the early 1930’s the German government was keen to foster the training of a new generation of combat pilots, and the Bucker Jungmann was supplied in large numbers to state sponsored flying schools and later to the newly formed Luftwaffe. Later developments included the improved Bü.131B powered by the more powerful Hirth HM 504A-2 engine and the experimental Bü.131C powered by a 90 hp (67 kW) Cirrus Minor engine, although this was not put into production. Each CD features a multi selection of high-quality close-up detailed photographs to help you with your latest building project.


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