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Glider Repair Lab 3 is a new advanced training video program which teaches you how to fix crash-damaged composite r/c aircraft airframes constructed with fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar.

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In this detailed 2 hour program expert Paul Naton tackles some challenging repairs on a variety of glider wings, fuselages, and fins made from a variety of composite materials. If you’re new to using composite materials and epoxies, it is recommended that you start with the Glider Repair Lab 1 DVD as this advanced program assumes you have some experience with basic composite materials and repair techniques.
The first tutorial covers the repair of a Pulsar 4 built-up D-box center section which suffered some nasty high speed flutter damage to the internal ribs, drag spar and composite leading edge. You’ll learn how to fabricate new ribs and fix the cracked carbon/kevlar D-box leading edge structure.
Next up is the repair of a very expensive and hard to replace Mueller Egita F3J wing which suffered a near-fatal main spar and top skin break. Paul teaches you how to design a carbon repair splint and how to scarf joint the carbon spar caps back together to make a safe airworthy repair that is light, strong and good looking.
You’ll then learn how to repair a foam-core carbon skinned slope plane wing that traveled through a Pine tree at high speed.  To round out the two hour program, you will see how to use the lost-foam method to fix a sheared off fiberglass fuselage nose,  and  learn a new technique for repairing skin delaminations on wings and fins with a minimal of glue mess.
It’s a lot easier than you might think to repair gliders with lots of crash damage and with the skills taught in this video, anyone with basic modeling skills can restore even the most broken airframes with a minimal amount of cost and effort.
Tutorials Include:
Composite Built-Up D-Box Wing Repairs • Moulded Wing Main Spar Repair Techniques • Foam-Core/Stressed Skin Wing Repair Methods • Lost-Foam Nose Replacement • New Methods For Fixing Delaminations  • Spread-Tow Fin Repair Techniques


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