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Letov LF 107 Lunak (112.5″)


A 112.5″ wingspan model of the Letov LF 107 Lunak  which was a Czech aerobatic glider designed by Rudý Letov in the late 1940s. The design was developed within a prolific group of aeronautical engineers and sailplane pilots, including K. Dlouhý, J. Matejcekm, and B. Bocek.

Full Description

Designer: Mick Moore
Star Rating: **
R/C Functions: 4

Vinatge Czechoslovakian aerobatic trainer sailplane modelled at 1/5 scale, for four-channel R/C, Conventional wood construction (largely balsa) throughout.

A bit about the full size:

The first flight of the prototype took place on June 25, 1948 and a second prototype flew in July. The prototype participated later in the same year in an aerobatic competition in GrenchenSwitzerland, and in ZiarPoland in 1949, where its good aerobatic and gliding characteristics drew considerable attention.

Unfortunately serial production was disrupted by geopolitical developments, as the factory was charged with production of MiG-15, MiG-19 and MiG-21F aircraft, and access to Western civil export markets was progressively hampered by the emergence of the Iron Curtain. Therefore, only 75 examples of the Luňák were produced in all.

In 1950, a variant with simpler construction and a revised cockpit, among other changes, was developed. This LF-107 Luňák of wooden construction, designated Letov VT-7 under the military training system, was instrumental in the development of gliding and aerobatics in the Czech Republic. The LF-107 was also used for aerobatic training in the Soviet UnionBulgariaRomania and Poland.

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