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Standard Class 4-6-0 LMS Locomotive: Highlander (Plan)


An 18-sheet plan by Martin Evans for a 7.25″ gauge LMS 4-6-0 Standard Class locomotive. This is an up-to-date and efficient design intended especially for the miniature passenger-carrying railway, where heavy loads must be hauled consistently.

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Full Description

This 18-sheet plan consists of:

Sheet 1 General arrangement of engine, main frames, front buffer beam.
Sheet 2 Horns, driving axleboxes, frame stretchers, crankpins, crossheads, drop links, gudgeon pins, slidebars ; main axle, small end of connecting rod.
Sheet 3 Cylinders, covers, pistons, valve liners, valve spindle guides and crossheads, piston rods, drain cocks, relief valves.
Sheet 4 Erecting stand, driving and coupled wheels, frame stretchers, driving and coupled axles, hornstays, main springs and plates, assembly of buffer beams.
Sheet 5 Feed pump assembly, coupling and connecting rods and bushes, radius rods, combination levers, union links, modified drop links.
Sheet 6 General arrangement of valve gear, motion brackets, weighshaft, eccentric rods, return cranks, expansion links and die blocks, lifting arms, weighshaft bearings.
Sheet 7 General assembly of bogie and stretcher.
Sheet 9 Drain cock and control lever, brake hangers and beams, boiler blowdown valve.
Sheet 10 Details of the regulator, dome, grate.
Sheet 11 Boiler, full details.
Sheet 12 Backhead fittings, buffers, drawhooks, chimney, dome and top feed cover, top feed, couplings, backhead arrangement.
Sheet 13 Smokebox, saddle, arrangement of pipework superheater and headers, steam and exhaust pipes, snifting valve.
Sheet 14 Ashpan, twin-ram mechanical lubricator, running boards.
Sheet 15 Details of cab and footsteps, steam brake gear, injector and pipe diagram.
Sheet 16 General arrangement of tender, tender frames, buffer beam and drag beam.
Sheet 17 Tender wheels, axles and axleboxes, horns, stretchers and brake gear.
Sheet 18 Final details of the tender.


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