Ulu Mk III


Sport pattern model for 15-sized electric motors and 4S LiPos. Fast, groovy model flies wide, sweeping loops and other classic pattern manoeuvres

Full Description

Bill Bowne designed this 51” span classic R/C pattern-style design for 250-300 watt motors on 3 or 4S 2200 LiPos. Wooden construction with fully-symmetrical airfoil, choice of wood or foam-core wing. Plans include an easy building, reusable jig for balsa wings. Fast model can fly the entire vintage pattern. Definitely not for beginner fliers.
WINGSPAN: 51″ (1295 mm)WING AREA: 432 sq in (2782 sq cm)WING LOADING: 14.9 oz/sq ft (46 g/sq dm)LENGTH: 39″ (991 mm)WEIGHT: 45 oz (1276 g)RADIO FUNCTIONS: Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, and Rudder MOTOR: E-Flite Power 15, 950 KvPROP: APC 8 X 6EESC: E-Flite Switching 40 AmpBATTERY: 2200 mAh 4S 35C


  • Designer: Bill Browne
  • Wingspan: 40″
  • Power Source: IC Propeller


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